Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Jungle drums

Nühühahaha.... Nachdem ich eben meinen Kaffee gekonnt über Tastatur und Monitor verteilt habe, möchte ich euch das hier nicht vorenthalten:


Jungle drums

An explorer is deep in the jungle, being led by a native guide. They are hacking their way through dense tropical growth when suddenly drums start pounding in the distance. The explorer freezes. His guide reassures him: "no worry. drums good."
"The drums are good? No danger?"
"Yes, drums good. Keep going."

The explorer takes a deep breath and they trudge on. As the jungle gets thicker and denser, and dusk starts to fall, the drums continue, pounding louder, ever closer. The explorer asks again, "Are you sure those drums are okay... nothing to be afraid of? It sounds like they're getting louder."
"No. no worry. Drums good."
They continue on.

As night falls and they start to break camp, the drums become even louder, more intense. The explorer cannot shake a sense that they spell impending doom, but his guide continues to reassure him: "drums good."

Then, just as darkness settles most completely over the jungle, the drums suddenly stop. The guide's face goes ashen, a look of horror in his eyes! The explorer asks, "What? What's the matter? The drums stopped-- is that bad?"

The guide responds, "When drums stop, very bad! Bad thing coming! No good for anybody!"

"What!? What is it? What happens after the drums stop!?!"

The guide responds: "Bass solo."


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  1. hahaha das habe ich erst jetzt gelesen, das ist echt gut! Ich hoffe, es ist ok, wenn ich mir das ausleihe ;-)